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Lifestyle Event Merch - Layer, Relax and GROW!

When creating your “merch mix” for your brand or event, there are a lot of things to think about and we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to follow trends or stick with the traditional – we have you covered!

We recently worked on our own merchandise for our upcoming conference and focused on Lifestyle + Souvenir inspired trends while keeping aesthetics, tourism, sustainably and retail brands in mind. We came up with an assortment that will help our sales associates fully embrace their time in Lake Tahoe while they’re at Summit.

Trendy items to layer, relax and grow - here are some of the thoughts behind the merch our attendees received…

Pack Your Bag – It’s always nice to receive a bag or box filled with awesome pieces for an event...especially when they double as souvenirs!

Layers - There’s nothing more comfortable than layering a t-shirt with a fleece jacket.

Trendsetter – Stand out in a sweatshirt that is designed to make even the locals want one.

Sleep Well – After a busy day, it’s always nice to put on a cozy pair of loungewear. Recipients will appreciate the versatility of a hooded t-shirt and the comfort of flannel pants.

Wake Up – Grab a coffee and beanie and head outside to enjoy the crisp morning air before sessions begin.

GROW – Time together is sure to generate many new ideas and inspiration to GROW.

Let us help you create something special for your next event. Reach out to your local sales associate and GROW your brand together!

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