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Texas, Travel, Textures, Tools + Tones

We’re getting excited to travel to our National Sales Conference in Fort Worth, Texas! It’s always fun finding new products for our event merch. We try to discover things that are unique and spark ideas for our customers’ events also.


We’ve carefully curated items that coordinated with the conference theme and local Texan flair. How cute is the cowboy boot coolie and event postcard?


We focused on a few Ts as we prepare for Texas:

Textures –

These items really showcase the variety of items and textures we can provide for your brand – from the apparel fabrics chosen to the decoration techniques. From traditional embroidery and screen print to dye sublimation and PV+ patches – we tried to include something for everyone.


Travel –

We wanted to make traveling more convenient by adding a luggage cup holder that makes traveling and accessing items easier. Don’t forget the Tuck & Toss that stows away effortlessly yet gets large enough to hold dirty laundry for the trip home.


Tools –

Practical promotional items are always a fave because they are useful and have staying power. Have you ever needed a multi-tool or keychain? Us too!


Tones – 

Every artist has a palette. This theme consists of black, blues, burnt orange, greys and white. We focused on seamlessly blending all the items together - making the apparel perfect alone or to mix, match and layer!


There are so many ways to put promo to work for your brand. Ask us how!


Always remember “You’re {Fort} Worth It!”

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