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American Diversity is Celebrating 30 Years

Since our foundation in 1992, American Diversity has evolved into a leading promo and print distributor powered by diverse products, people, partnerships and philanthropy. We’re proud to be headquartered in Glenwood, MN – just blocks from beautiful Lake Minnewaska – having over 6,750 suppliers, 2,000+ customers and 200 sales associates and support staff around the country.

A recent BeCause of YOU celebration was held to express our gratitude to everyone who has played a role in American Diversity’s success. We wanted to thank our community, employees, sales associates, customers and suppliers for making this anniversary possible. We’ve proven to be a company that thrives because of the passion of our people, partnerships and products that we sell.

In addition to food, fun and fellowship, we wanted to incorporate one of our core values of philanthropy into our celebration. “Philanthropy has also been a valued part of our mission since 1992. That’s why we chose to emphasize the Cause in BeCause of YOU,” stated Erica VanBeck (American Diversity President).

American Diversity makes monetary donations to various groups and causes throughout each year and encourages our employees and sales associates to do the same – whether it’s through sharing our time and talents or making monetary donations.

During this event, we chose to bring recognition and make a monetary donation of $2,500 to our local chapter of Bio Girls – a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that strives to improve the self-esteem in adolescent girls through the empowerment of self and service to others.

“As a certified women-owned business, we recognize the importance of the Bio Girls mission and want to help raise a generation of kind and confident leaders,” mentioned Diane Zavadil (American Diversity Owner+ CEO).

American Diversity will continue to make a difference in our local communities around the nation. As we celebrate the past 30 years, we look forward to the future impact we can have together – both in branding and philanthropy.

We’re turning 30 and it’s all...BeCause of you since 1992! Thank you from all of us at American Diversity.

To learn more about American Diversity or find an associate near you, please visit:

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