No corporate marketing strategy is complete without the added exposure that business promotions provide. Choose from inexpensive giveaways like pens and golf balls bearing your company's name, to enterprise-wide award, incentive and apparel programs for employees and executives alike. American Diversity can tailor a program to meet your needs and budget.

For the convenience of our customers, American Diversity hosts an online tool that features over 200,000 promotion, apparel and incentive items from thousands of suppliers. It's quick and easy for us to serve you as items may be selected by product description or item number. A variety of ideas within a specified price range may also be located. Visit American Diversity's Promo Shop and browse the merchandise available. Ask your American Diversity Sales Associate for details.

For extremely large volume orders or custom-made items, you can count on American Diversity. We have developed and maintain partnerships with exporters and overseas manufacturers, assuring our clients the most complete and cost-effective source of supply. Of course, all apparel, awards and promotions provided by American Diversity can be personalized to suit your needs!


• Business Promotions
• Convention Premiums
• Apparel
• Awards and Incentives
• Business Gifts


If your needs are more sophisticated and an enterprise-wide corporate program is required, American Diversity has your solution. Through the use of our proprietary eCommerce technology, an internet accessible, custom corporate catalog can be created to fit any need. Our eCommerce solution can feature static item displays or can include a series of fully functional eTemplates that allow the user to brand, edit and proof copy for custom apparel and promotional items. Plus, all selections can be ordered online, anytime, anywhere. 

Ask American Diversity to create a solution for you! 

For additional information or to schedule a promotions and incentives consultation, contact your local American Diversity Sales Associate or contact American Diversity at 1-800-754-8831.