Protect yourself and others with face coverings that feature your branding.



Keep bacteria at bay with sanitizers available in an array of sizes and formulas.


Personal protection equipment helps slow the spread and save lives.


Create clear communication to promote healthy practices and provide directions for pick-up and drop-off needs.


We provide products that keep your space sanitized and safe.


Elevate the products you use every day by choosing one with anti-microbial properties like pens, tech and more.

American Diversity has been closely monitoring the recommendations set by the CDC to work with our customers through this pandemic to ensure they receive the products and services necessary to keep their employees safe and their business running smoothly. Whether you need personal protection equipment, work-from-home items or are proactively planning your back-to-work strategy, we are here for you.


Encourage behaviors that help keep the community safe. The right products can help drive healthy practices and promote cleanliness and hygiene.

• Decals
• Signage
• Floor Decals
• Sanitizers
• Masks

• Soaps
• Antimicrobial
• No Touch Tools
• Counter Barriers
• Cloth Masks

• UV Device Cleaners
• Thermometers
• Ponchos
• Bandanas

Keep your space clean and sanitary with the tools and supplies needed to disinfect and clean. Whether you need to sterilize your office, storefront, home or public space, we’ve got you covered.

• Disinfectant & Cleaning Supplies
• Hand Sanitizers
• Waterproof Bags

• Face Shields
• Antimicrobial Products

• Soap
• Cleanable Plastic Lanyards

Everyone can do their part to slow the spread by social distancing. Encourage safe behavior by providing helpful education, consistent reminders and clear communication.

• Signage
• Decals

• Floor Decals
• Stickers

• Direct Mail
• Branded Apparel

More than ever, people are working, learning, entertaining and dining from their home. Encourage and enhance the at-home experience to discourage non-essential travel and commuting with helpful products.

• Webcam Covers
• Noise Canceling Headphones
• Backdrops

• Antimicrobial Mouse Pads
• Note Pads
• Speakers

• Blue Light Glasses
• Phone Stands

We can still enjoy social interactions and group functions if we act responsibly! Help enforce necessary rules and expectations with impactful products and signage.

• Signage
• Decals

• Office Furniture
• Barriers

• Folding Chairs
• Portable Room Dividers


Embrace single-use and personal products whenever possible to ensure germs don’t spread through unnecessary interaction.

• Single Use Pens
• Lunch Boxes

• Coolers
• Reusable Utensils

• Reusable Straws
• Reusable Totes & Bags

Communication and education are key – help staff understand and retain important information that can help protect themselves and the public.

• Journals
• Flash Drives
• Folders

• Signage
• Magnets

• Books
• Rewards & Incentives

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