Whether you need complex custom labels and forms or a simple stock item, we're here to help. We offer an extensive assortment of business documents and office supplies - stock or custom.


Although the procurement of business documents may comprise an extremely small percentage of your company's annual purchasing budget, if your company is like most, your highly compensated employees spend a large portion of their time reading and processing paper-based information. In addition, your cost to finance, store, distribute, use, file and maintain printed records can range from $30-$60 for every one dollar in procurement cost. With such a high cost in human and operational resources, why is so much attention paid to document procurement cost and so little attention paid to document design and operational efficiency?

Typically, the procurement of custom business documents is viewed no differently than the purchase of a desk or a chair. There is, however, one important difference! Properly designed business documents streamline workflow and reduce cost. That's why American Diversity takes the systems approach to Document Management. By following sound Document Management principles, we assure you that all operational needs are identified. Existing documents are analyzed, challenged and targeted for improvement. Work flow is streamlined and cost-saving opportunities are not overlooked.       


Document Control and Design 
Program procedures and objectives are written and agreed upon. All of your business documents will be collected, identified, classified and flow charted. All redundancy will be eliminated. In addition, standard and fewer document sizes will be recommended while new documents will be carefully scrutinized and challenged before being implemented. 


Document Supply Management 
A document numbering system, item catalog, initial inventory report and inventory min/max levels will be computerized. The system will flag reorders, store document improvement recommendations, provide an audit trail for end users and identify documents of like size that can be combined for purchasing efficiency. Management reporting which eliminates over-stock, stock-out and obsolescent situations will be implemented.

The systems approach to Document Management will increase operational efficiency and reduce your cost of doing business.